A senseless man has left many in shock after punching his wife in public for breastfeeding their newborn in front of a male doctor. The police in New Mexico are now looking for the man over the incident.
According to Washington Post, Rafael Orozco became angry when his wife, who had given birth earlier that day, started breastfeeding their baby girl, exposing herself to a doctor who had walked in to check on her and the infant, according to a police report.
The report further revealed that Orozco, 22, punched his wife in the mouth as she was carrying the baby in her arms, the report said. He also slapped the infant on the head before hospital staff confronted him.
The incident occurred late at night on Sept. 21, at a hospital in the town of Taos, N.M., about 130 miles northeast of Albuquerque.

The woman identified as Iesha Hartt told police that her husband is a very jealous man, according to the report. He called her names after she began breastfeeding their daughter and grabbed her by the throat, leaving scratches on her shoulder area, the report said.
After the act, Orozco ran out of the hospital’s labor and delivery room when a security guard caught and restrained him, Orozco reached to his side and told the guard that he had a gun. He was let go, and he fled the hospital, the report said.
It was also gathered that Orozco was already wanted on a parole violation after he was charged for receiving stolen property.