Since the lesbian s*x tapes of ex Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke leaked online, Nigerians men have been wary about carelessly eating the Cucumber fruit despite its nutrient value.
Some Nigerian comedians have released a comedy skit to satirize the Chidinma Okeke s*x tape saga that entailed the usage of the Cucumber fruit.
In the short video, a young man barged into his sister’s house hungrily and reached for her refrigerator where he took a Cucumber for consumption against her will.
The young man took bites from it as his sister wore an irritating look that attracted the attention of the young man. The smell of fish oozing from the Cucumber later alerted the man that it must have been actively used for pleasure services in the ‘other room’.
On confirmation from his sister, he fainted and the skit humorously ended.

Watch the video below: